Congrats are in order!

Congratulations to my beautiful sister, Breanna and my dashing future brother-in-law Dave!  Dave asked Bre to marry him this past saturday -- of course she said, "YES!"  

How exciting it is to see our family continue to grow!  

*Fabulously flattering pictures courtesy of Dave's sister Lisa and of course, yearbookyourself.com 


Let them eat cake!

So these days, I've just been baking up a storm!  We're talking cakes, cupcakes, in all shapes, sizes and flavors -- I just love it!  Initially, Jake was my official tester, but yesterday, I ran out of bowls and plates, so I had to branch out and share the love (and cake) with others.   

 While I love the weather in Annapolis pretty much all year round; there's no better place to capture the feeling of fall than good 'ol upstate NY.  I am craving apple pie, apple cider,apple  doughnuts and then I remember our annual trips of my childhood to Focastle Farms.  For a while, I am homesick and nostalgic...  My most recent creation -- a cinnamon apple cake seemed to capture the essence of the new season that is upon us and my longing for NY, not to mention -- it is delicious.  It is so moist (I hate that word) it almost has the consistency of a bread pudding.  Unfortunately, I have no good photos to share, so you'll have to use your imagination for this one.  


Sweet love of my life...

My charming sister sent me a gift card a la Target last week for my 31st birthday.  Today, I put it to good use and bought myself a lovely new hand mixer.  I tested it for the first time this evening and made these charming red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  

Ahhh...to die for!

My First Time...

Today is the first day of the rest of my life...  

 I have been inspired by my lovely, and most dear childhood friend Carrie Kate to begin blogging, and so blog, I shall!  Stay tuned...