Leanne M.

Sooo... maybe this is old news (well, I'm sure it is), but Leanne has a blog!  According to some of her  posts, she's recently made the trip cross country from Portland to NYC, and is officially here on the East Coast -- woo hoo!  I can't wait to see what she creates.  


Say it isn't so!

So, I am well aware that is this is yesterday's news, but I am SO sad that Domino is soon to be no longer! Every issue contained page after page of stylish home decor inspiration!

On a much happier personal note, I did return to work approximately five weeks ago, hence my lack of posts. It has just been a hectic whirlwind since day one, but I am finally getting settled in to a work schedule. I hope to be back in action on the web more consistently. Happy belated New Year to you all, by the way... I have entered into this new year with a renewed sense of optimism, excitement, and a much higher level of accountability.