Holiday Cookies I love

Ok, so I know I said I'd be back on Monday, but it's Saturday morning -- my favorite time to bake, and I just had to share.  As most people are, I am running on a significantly smaller budget than last year, well, the last ten years, but anywho...  I had to get creative for my holiday gift giving ideas.  The folks at Real Simple never cease to amaze me.  This month, they came up with four make ahead cookie recipes AND four super cute ways to gift these cookies.  

My two favorites are:

The Pecan Snowballs -- don't you just love the egg carton?

All four cookie recipes can be made ahead of time and frozen for up to two months!  I plan on doing round one today, so I can give them to my dear friend Jane, who will be coming to visit tomorrow.  
all photos courtesy of  Kana Osada @ Real Simple


Mare said...

Yum Nick! Those look delicious! Do you remember the snowball cookies we used to make a long time ago at Christmas time?

nicole. said...

I do! That is what drew me to them.

Kate said...

Damn you two! I was just thinking about those snowball cookies and you had to go and remind me!!!